For our February meeting we will feature a discussion panel from The Straight Spouse Network.
  The Straight Spouse Network (SSN) is an international organization that provides personal, confidential support and information to heterosexual spouses/partners, current or former, of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender mates for constructively resolving coming-out problems. SSN also offers research-based information about spouse, couple, and family issues and resources to other family members, professionals, community organizations, and the public. SSN is the only support network of its kind in the world.
  In September 2008, just after her husband of 10 years revealed he was gay, Barbara Faustino found support at Straight Spouse Network and also through PFLAG with the straight spouse support group.
  Barbara began facilitating support groups for straight spouses in 2015 beginning with the PFLAG support group.  She and a panel of support group members will present information about SSN as well as their personal stories of their experiences of spouses who have come out.
Thursday, February 18 at 6:30 PM
3rd floor Conference Center
The Sabathani Community Center
310 East 38th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55409
Our small support groups will be held  at 7:30 PM.