PFLAG twin Cities will be presenting:  Parents of LGBTQ children tell their stories.
Learn how they dealt with coming out, acceptance, and more! 
Marsha Partington is the proud parent of a 25 year old FTM who initially came out as a lesbian at 15 years old while an in-patient treatment for an eating disorder.  It has been quite the journey and during the last 10 years, Marsha has become an outspoken advocate for the queer community.  She went back to school a few years ago, and got her masters in Addiction Counseling at Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction studies.  Her first job in the  addiction counseling field was at Pride Institute Residential treatment center in Eden Prairie where she implemented and facilitated a transgender support group meeting weekly.  Marsha also went through cultural competency counselor training and now specializes in LGBTQ issues and is presenting at conferences nation-wide on how to provide trauma informed care for gender non-conforming and trans* clients to other clinicians.
Tuesday, February 21 at 6:30 pm
Union Congregational Church
3700 Alabama Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55416
Support groups will be held at 7:30 pm directly following the program.