Preserved in vaults set in caverns deep beneath the ground, directly under the Anderson Library at the University of Minnesota, lies the Tretter Collection.  A part of the Special Collections and Rare Books Unit, the Tretter Collection houses, researches, and preserves one of the largest collections of LGBT historical materials in the world.  The archives consist of over a half mile of boxes including books, periodicals, organizational records, personal papers and ephemera from around the world, with material in 58 languages.

Our July program will feature Lisa Vecoli, Curator of the Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies, who will survey a few milestones in 20th century GLBT history, discussing what is widely known and what is often overlooked. Lisa will also discuss why, even with all of the information available on the internet, we still need an archive dedicated to GLBT thought, history, culture and experience.


Author: Lisa Vecoli has served on the Board of the Tretter Collection since its inception in 2000 and has been the Curator of the Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies at the University of Minnesota since 2012. Her goals are to preserve GLBT history, diversify the voices in the archive and add to her personal collection of Lesbian Pulp novels.


Sunday, July 20th at 2:00pm
Mayflower UCC
106 East Diamond Lake Road
Minneapolis, MN 55419